Hello World!

Hello World

I'm dedicating my first blog to my beautiful daughter.

Happy Birthday, my love.

Hello World! 

Welcome to the blog site for Alina Bliach and my official first blog ever. I am so excited! This is beyond cool! First and foremost a big "Thank You" to my family and friends for pushing me to finally start this. I love you all for your constant support and endless encouragement. Secondly, starting my blog

today makes it even more special for me. Today, together with my family, we celebrate a special birthday. Happy Birthday, honey! We love you.

So what is this blog going to be about? And will I be blogging in every day?

This blog will be about anything that I find interesting as I continue my quest to fuel my passion. I will not limit it to photography, however. There might be something that perhaps catches my eye or I find fascinating that I may want to pass along. It may be about things as they relate to life in general. It will definitely be about helping each other and encouraging each other. This blog will also carry photo related news, workshop announcements, new openings and other photo related info. It will be about my journey as an educator,  photographer and the images that I capture.

No, I will not be blogging in every day. I will try to blog in as often as I can. I will only blog when I have something relevant to say or share. I'll also be posting pictures from time to time and discussing them.

Please be sure to check back often. I'll try to make this as fun and interesting as I can. Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you enjoy the blog.