Baby Steps

David Ziser and Alina

The image above is from the "Digital Wake Up Call Tour 2009 - A New Dawn,"  led by legendary master photographer extraordinaire, Mr. David Ziser himself. It was educational, funny, rewarding, and inspiring. I was the fortunate recipient of one of the prizes also, but the icing on the cake was actually meeting David and his wife, LaDawn, and sitting around with a few other photographers at the end of the evening and just exchanging ideas and telling stories. I remember it proved to be a really great evening.

So last night I was doing a little web-surfing and came upon David's blog at

and something that David had spoken about during the seminar came to mind. His basic message to everyone was to follow your dreams and work hard to achieve what you want. How many of you out there are actually moving in a forward direction to achieving your dreams and hopes, whatever they may be? The way I see it is, even if the steps I take are baby steps, they are at least steps in the direction that I want to head in and in what I want to do and achieve in my life. They are steps in the right direction. Even though, it may take me a little longer, those baby steps are still important steps that I am taking. It's when we stand still and do nothing that we lose hope of our dreams and expectations. And yes, all the steps we take require hard work, a lot of hard work. But if it's something you want and love, then the work won't seem so hard because in the end it has led you to where you want to go. So take that first step, no matter how small it may seem. It will lead you to your dreams.

See you next time.