Love Smile


The Kiss

There is no greater feeling in this world than that of love. Love is not only something that you accept, but something that you must also give. It's about you being good to people and showing some kindness and compassion. It's about treating people how you would want to be treated. It's about being considerate and helpful and concerned for each other. It's about being selfless and doing something for someone. Love can make someone feel special, feel hugged. It can warm the heart and put a smile on your face. It can make your day. It can be given by a simple "hello," a friendly handshake, or a warm "love" smile. Or it may be given in a letter or a note.

Today, I received my "love smile" in the form of a thank you note from a great lady, Barbra Edwards, my Marathon Press representative:

She wrote:

Dear Alina,I love to visit you. You will always do well with your kindness. People love you.



Thank you, Barb. Your kind words really meant a lot to me today. You are truly a special person and people love you too. Thank you.

And to everyone out there, for the rest of the week practice your "love smile" on all those you meet. You may just make their day.

Until next time.