Filling You In

Hello Fellow Blog Followers,

The last several months (August till now), have been kind of busy, with work, my website, teaching, workshops, photography and travel. So let's see, to fill you in:


. I was in Israel and Jordan for a couple of weeks. A totally awesome experience, kind of surreal in many ways. The photo above is from Israel.


. My website is also up, finally! Still need to work out some issues, but it is up, nonetheless. The website is or/and

Both url's bring you to the same website. 


. Have been busy shooting so many headshots lately that I feel I should perhaps add a tagline to the website --Headshots and More?


. December just flew by with holiday type portraits, attending and hosting holiday parties, attending kid's choral performances and just getting together with family and friends. I also picked up a new corporate client as well.


. January brought more headshot work. Also attended a Farber workshop,

. Learned some very cool techniques that I'll be incorporating into some of my portrait work.


. Planned and organized a vendor type show with various types of vendors selling their goods and services. It was a first for me and it proved to be quite successful with a nice turnout. I showcased some of my portrait work and awarded some prizes to some of the attendees. It was definitely a lot of work to put together, but well worth it and the feedback has been all positive.


. Keeping up with the food photos has been kind of tough, because hey, when I cook, I like to eat. I have to make it a point to serve a separate serving of food just for photo purposes and just photograph it as soon as we are done eating. I tried doing it before we ate, but that did not go over too well. I've shot a few, but I am way behind on that project. Hoping to catch up. I'll post some when I get a chance.


. This weekend I'm scheduled for a couple of portrait sessions with some really cute kids. I'm really looking forward to this. It should be fun.

I love the colors in the image above--the blue of the sky, the green of the plant and the brown tan-like tones of the wall and vase. I like how the greenery seems to be coming out of the vase or the ledge itself. It's hard to tell from the angle in which I took the image. I was shooting up at the ledge from about 10 feet down. I love the straight angled lines on the wall of the ledge and the curved lines on the vase. I feel they work well together. They go hand in hand. There is such beauty here, in this simple image. You have nature coming together with something that has been made by the hand of man, coexisting harmoniously. It just feels peaceful. Enjoy.

Until next time,