It's Been A While

Yes, life sometimes does get in the way of the "once in a while blog." So rather than getting into a month by month account, I thought I would highlight a new recent favorite image and talk a little about the story behind the image.

So being that it is summer and this is the image in my home page, I thought it would be appropriate to talk a little about this image. This image is actually a composite of about 5 different images -- the sky, the clouds, the small wooden pier on the left, the water, and the old jetty in the middle. The original image consisted of the jetty leading our eye into the ocean. As I made my image I envisioned something a little different. I imagined what this area must look like at high tide with the ocean water actually slowly moving over the decaying jetty. I made a few more images being sure to capture the movement of the waves, the small pier, and the clouds. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. It was as if I was standing there putting it all together in my mind's eye. "Cape May High Tide, " is the final result of my efforts and is what I had envisioned. Enjoy!