Platinum Palladium

As some of you may know, I am a big fan of the platinum palladium process. About 15 years or so ago, I first learned the process the traditional way, in the darkroom, making enlarged negatives. Last year I revisited the process once again in a private workshop with Carl Weese. This time however, we used modern day technology to make digital negatives. I was blown away with the results. I truly love this process not only for its tonal range, and archival qualities, but also for its beauty and depth. Prints must be seen in person to truly appreciate the process. What follows is one of my images printed using the process and a link to an article on some other alternative processes. Be sure to scroll down to the  short video on the work of Japanese photographer Nobuyuki Kobayashi. Enjoy.

Cyclist ©Alina Marin-Bliach  This image says NYC to me. What do you think?

Cyclist ©Alina Marin-Bliach

This image says NYC to me. What do you think?

Positive Energy

Hello. I had a busy week. I made about 20 headshots for various clients this week. The photograph up on top is that of Leanne Gerrard.

Leanne is a Life Success Consultant,

Leanne is an extremely genuine person who just loves what she is doing. She's had a tremendous, positive impact on many individuals. She helps you realize your potential and leads you on the path towards achieving your dreams. She offers workshops, coaching and seminars. Her classes are inspirational, fun and rewarding. She will help you succeed at leading the kind of life you had always envisioned.


The photo below is from my walking tour of New York City with a couple of students. I love to walk around the city and look for images that speak to me. The image of the graffiti on the wall of the building and the ladder leading down tell a story of people struggling, reaching beyond what only seems possible, and expressing themselves in any way they can. It speaks of survival and the need for self expression in this very urban area of the city. Making images, are what

inspires me. It is my positive energy. It is this positive energy that fuels me and energizes me to live the kind of life I want to live.

Positive Energy


Yup, I had this photo shoot today in beautiful Bergen County, NJ. So there I was taking a tour of the grounds, picking out good locations for the family which I was about to photograph. The mom was giving me a tour of the property and pointing out certain spots that she thought may work for her family's portrait. The property is quite beautiful, gently sloping down on the sides. Now yesterday it had rained - a lot. And there were wet leaves on the ground. So there I was with my nice clean clothes, holding my camera, walking down the slight inclination on the property, when all of a sudden, without any warning whatsoever, I fall flat on my ___. Ouch! Talk about painful and embarrassing. Me and my clothes were no longer clean, but hey, I saved the camera. I got some nice photos of the family and by the time the shoot was over, my extremely muddy ___ was now dry caked on mud. Ahh, nothing can make you more humble than falling on your ___ in the middle of a shoot. Yes, a very proud moment. I actually think being embarrassed once in a while is not such a bad thing. It humbles us and makes us more human. So to all those people out there who have fallen flat on their ____, I humbly salute you. I have now joined your club.

Until next time.