The Island In The Lake
Yellowstone River
Moulton Barn (black & white)
Moulton Barn (color)
Glacial Waters
Glacier Valley
Grazing Cattle & Tree
Lake Rocks, Yellowstone
Mule Deer In Field
Quiet Calm
Pines Among the Rocks
Yellowstone Trail
The Old Standby
The X702
Glacial Stream
Saddle Up
Natural Guardians of the Tetons
Smoking Earth
Snake River Tetons
Lodge Pole Pines
Tetons In the Distance
Tetons In the Distance, Panoramic View
Tree of Teton
View From the Mountain
Frozen Ice Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs Tree, Yellowstone
A Grizzly Encounter
Sacred Spirit
Big Horn Sheep, Yellowstone
Target In Sight
The Long Walk Home
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